702 Applications


62 Prototype Funding

Patents Filing


40 Business Registrations

20 Seed Grants

17 Innovators and researchers received $5,000 cloud credit each

What some of our Alumni have to say

The program opened my eyes to see and ensure that I am building what the market needs...the magnitude of information on the iBank cannot be compared with what some other masterclass and business classes I've attended in the past and this is more practical, indigenous and amazing.

Gift Muoneke
Standalone Solar System

The e-learning platform, iBank was the most convenient as they were self-paced and I could learn from them all night and revisit them at any time. 

Chioma Cassandra Nnana

At the time when we applied, our innovation wasn't in the market. So, just being part of this program, getting that push to take what we are building into the market, let people test it, get the MVP into the hand of the users and then let them give feedback and all of that... I think it has been insightful in that way.

Adeyemi Adeleke

Project i2M has been an eye-opener for me. It's an opportunity that is rare for people of my demography... I'm actually in my late 50's. Project i2M has changed my life. I have always been dreaming of creating a solid business that will stand the test of time. Now I know it is possible because of Project i2M. 

Ofodile Lauretta Nwanneka

The project helped register my business and also filed intellectual property rights. A lot has been given to my team and me.

Adebayo Tolulope Adeola
Head of Nations Board Game

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